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Mystical Excursion to Tiger’s Nest (A Day Tour)

taktshang Maebar2017After a healthy breakfast, spend the day hiking up a forested path to Taktsang Monastery, also known as Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan’s most famous and scenic icon. The climb is steep and takes about 4 hours round trip. An important place of pilgrimage and refuge for more than 1200 years, Taktsang Monastery clings to sheer cliffs two-thousand feet above Paro Valley, and from your closest vantage point on a rocky ledge directly across from it, you will still need 200-300 mm lenses and a steady tripod to get tight photographs. 

Before proceeding to the holy monastery, offer butter lamps at the Cliffside for the wellbeing of all sentient beings. This sacred place got its name when Guru Rinpoche rode there on the back of a flying tiger and meditated in a cave behind the present-day monastery. Sadly, in 1998, the central temple was destroyed by fire, leaving the country in mourning for their holiest of spiritual places.  But religious leaders and the King quickly developed a plan to rebuild Taktsang and donations started pouring in from Buddhist centers all over the world, and today, the magnificently rebuilt exterior is complete.  Tiger’s Nest is once again the subject of cloud-shrouded posters that say, “Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon.”

Sit inside the speech room just above the cave where Guru Rimpoche meditated in 8th century. Open your heart and allow yourself to embrace the divine energy circulating at Taktsang and carry the fond experience with you when you fly back home. A sunkey (holy string) and khada will be given to you by a lama before you leave the speech room and Tiger’s Nest.

hotstone bath1

Picnic lunch at the hillside Cafe. On the way down, Your guide will assist you in putting the wind-horse flags on trees & cliffs for your blessing and protection. We believe this will bring you a smooth trip back home.

In evening authentic village style farewell dinner in our traditional dress “Gho & Kira”at a typical village home with local liquor called “Ara.”” (tastes somewhat like the Japanese Sake) & yak meat. Then luxuriate in the Bhutanese equivalent of a Jacuzzi called a “Chu Tsen.”  River rocks are heated and dunked into a large wooden tub with herbs.  This type of bath is considered to have medicinal properties of healing. Overnight Paro. (Alt; 2280m)

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