Packing Tips

  1. Clothing: Bhutan is a mountainous country with varying temperatures throughout the year. It’s essential to bring comfortable and warm clothing, even if you’re visiting during the summer months. In general, it’s recommended to bring lightweight layers that can be easily added or removed. You’ll want to pack warm clothing such as a down jacket, sweaters, and thermal underwear for cooler weather. Additionally, bring comfortable hiking shoes or boots, as there are many hiking opportunities in Bhutan.

  2. Accessories: Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are all essential for protecting your skin and eyes from the sun’s rays. A reusable water bottle is also recommended as tap water is generally safe to drink in Bhutan. For those with sensitive stomachs, consider bringing a water filtration system. Additionally, bring a small daypack to carry essentials like water, snacks, and a camera during excursions.

  3. Technology: While many hotels and guesthouses in Bhutan have Wi-Fi, it can be slow and spotty at times. Bring a portable charger for your electronics and a camera to capture the stunning scenery.

  4. Medication: If you take medication, be sure to bring enough to last for the duration of your trip. Additionally, bring any over-the-counter medications you might need, such as pain relievers, antihistamines, or stomach remedies.

  5. Respectful attire: Bhutan is a conservative country, and it’s important to dress appropriately, particularly when visiting religious sites. Bring comfortable and modest clothing that covers your shoulders, chest, and knees. Additionally, pack a shawl or scarf to cover your head and shoulders when necessary.

  6. Money: Bhutan’s currency is the Ngultrum, and US dollars are also widely accepted. It’s recommended to bring cash, as credit cards are not widely accepted in Bhutan. Additionally, bring a small amount of cash in smaller denominations for tips and incidentals.

  7. Travel documents: Don’t forget to bring your passport and any necessary visas. Additionally, make copies of important documents and keep them in a separate location in case of loss or theft.

  8. Power Adapters: Bhutan uses Type D and Type F plugs, so you’ll need to bring a power adapter if your devices use a different plug type. Also, the voltage in Bhutan is 230V, so make sure your electronic devices are compatible with this voltage 

  9. Overall, pack for comfort and practicality, but also keep in mind the respectful cultural norms of Bhutan. With these tips in mind, you should be well-prepared for a memorable trip to this beautiful country!