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Places to visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is a tiny kingdom landlocked between giant countries India and China respectively in South Asia. Bhutan is a constitutiional monarchy with king as the head of the state and prime minister as the head of the goverment. The state religion is Vajrayana Buddhism in Bhutan and Je Khenpo is the head of the state religion. Some say Bhutan is the happiest place on the earth because of the unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness GNH. 

Western Bhutan is the most accessible region, with many of Bhutan’s popular attractions located in and around the cities of Thimphu and Paro. Central Bhutan is known for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, with highlights including the ancient city of Trongsa and the picturesque Bumthang Valley. Eastern Bhutan is a remote region that offers a unique opportunity to experience Bhutan’s traditional way of life, with rugged landscapes, traditional villages, and fewer crowds. Tour to Bhutan has something unique to offer, making it worth exploring all three.