Trashiyangtse Institute for Zorig Chusum

The Trashiyangtse Institute for Zorig Chusum is a vocational training institute located in the town of Trashiyangtse in eastern Bhutan. The institute was established in 1999 and is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Bhutanese arts and crafts. It offers a four-year program in Zorig Chusum, which translates to “the thirteen arts and crafts” and includes courses in painting, sculpture, wood carving, embroidery, and weaving, among others. Students learn traditional techniques and methods from master craftsmen and also study the history and cultural significance of their crafts. The institute plays an important role in preserving Bhutanese culture and promoting sustainable tourism in the region. Visitors can tour the institute and watch students at work, as well as purchase high-quality, handmade crafts from the institute’s showroom.